Special Announcement

It has been my pleasure to help homeschoolers for 20 years!  Now it is time for me to move on to a new venture. 


Diane Allen Associates is no longer providing Achievement Testing for homeschools or private school.   If you email through the contact us link on this website you will be redirected to Dawn Frink who is taking over client services under a new name and website.  


Diane Allen and Associates (DAA)

Diane Allen & Associates is a team of test administrators who put a combined homeschooling experience of more than 50 years at your disposal.  We provide testing and focused consultations for homeschoolers mainly in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  We specialize in the Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Battery and personalized and detailed consultations.   We offer you  personalized attention, encouragement and the support of a team of trained educators and long-term homeschoolers. 

The Woodcock-Johnson (WJ) published by Riverside Publishing Co., is a groundbreaking and trusted individually administered achievement assessment. Beginning in the Fall 2014 we will have access to the newest version of this test.  Not only does the WJ provide a quick, accurate achievement score that translates into meaningful data, but the newest version provides a more extensive battery of supplemental tests to investigate and illuminate a student's learning struggles. 

We know there are many testing options available; therefore our goal is to provide you with practical interpretations and applications of your child's test scores.  Really, test scores are just numbers on a piece of paper unless you recognize what they tell you about your student and are used to inform and guide your curriculum and instruction strategies.

We at DAA believe educational decisions are unique to each family. What is best for one family and one child may not be best for another family or child. Our goal is to help each child and family be as successful as possible in their educational choices.   We are best known for our detailed consultations which explain your test scores thoroughly and translate them into practical strategies described in plain English.

We’re knowledgeable about different homeschooling styles and are supportive of the particular needs of individual families, including learning disabilities and special family situations.   We will help you evaluate curriculum and instructional options that would work best for your family.

The Test

  • meets NC standards
  • Takes less than 2 hours
  • involves written and oral response (no bubble sheets)
  • Is administered by an experienced consultant
  • can be administered any month of the year
  • provides a wide-range achievement score

The Results

  • available immediately
  • accurate Grade Equivalencies
  • predict student success on grade level material

The Consultation

  • provides a thorough explanation of results
  • includes observations about student work habits and behaviors
  • options includes suggestions for curriculum
  • answers your questions

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What We Offer:

  • An accurate quickly administered assessment
  • Personal consultation
  • Encouragement and support
  • A warm home environment for testing
  • 50+ Years combined experience